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About us

About The Animal

Welcome to The Animal Blog, a site to explore the fascinating realm of animals from a spiritual perspective.

In this digital corner we immerse ourselves not only in the rich diversity of animal species, but also in their deep spiritual meaning.

We, passionate animal lovers and explorers of the spiritual world, have created this space to share with you the unique connection that exists between human beings and the energies of the animals that surround us. In The Animal Blog, you will not only find scientific facts and curiosities about animals, but also information about their symbolism and spiritual meanings in different cultures and traditions.

Thank you for being part of our community!

About The Animal Blog

Who do we write for?

For lovers of the wild animal world and its energy, for veterinarians seeking to understand beyond physical biology, for animal enthusiasts who wish to deepen their spiritual connection with their pets, for trainers seeking a more complete understanding, and for walkers who wish to tune into the unique essence of each being, this is your digital sanctuary.

Join us on this journey where we merge science and mysticism, exploring the species and races of all ages from a perspective that goes beyond the physical.

The Animal Blog is more than an informational resource, it is a spiritual journey through the animal kingdom.

Our team’s main author

Alejandra Roig

I love animals and the spiritual world, as well as the Chinese horoscope. I love to write about the meaning and symbolism of each animal in our blog.